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Trust don’t second guess. December 1, 2009

Posted by Gaylena in Positive change.
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Have you ever thought about a favorite song or piece of music and wondered why you like it? Or what it is about it that you like? Or how about a dance or a favorite poem? What makes a poem beautiful is first a person to like it and a balance of perfect word flow.

When life itself is at it’s most beautiful it is usually when it is in perfect flow where everything comes and goes as it should. You know this and feel it whether you realize it or not, that perfect flow of life is one of the things that makes you happy without even realizing it.

It is in this way that life is like that beautiful piece of music that touches your heart and soul and speaks deeply to you. Thus being perfect flow like a piece of music hits the right notes at the right time reaching your core giving a perfect experience every time.

This is how life can be when you follow your heart and don’t second guess yourself when you ‘feel’ something and go with it. So often in life we know the right path and yet don’t take it, maybe you were scared or didn’t know if that was the right path or not etc.

Whatever the reason for not taking the path your heart tells you to, it does have an affect on you and it shows up later on. Second guessing usually leads to you feeling down or in a state of upset with no explainable reason for feeling the way you do.

At the same time it also leaves you out of the natural flow of life and will block you from having the things you want. Simply because it puts you in resistance and contrast to that which you want to have, it also puts you in contrast to yourself and puts your feelings out of touch.

It does another thing which is so important both to the natural state of flow and to self and god of the universe. When you second guess yourself you send the message out to the world that you don’t trust yourself or the universe to deliver you the which you need.

You have only to look at the last time you did that was not trusting your feelings and go for what you wanted, to know what I speak of. Think about it the next time you feel like just going for it and do so! The world is waiting for you to do just that.

As you do so you are sending the out the signal that you trust your higher self and the universe to deliver that which you want. You are also trusting that no matter where that feeling or the thing it leads you to, is for your highest good and that you will be safe no matter what.

Having trust of yourself and of the universe is among others, very important to have because while you are the driver. God, source or universe or whatever you want to call it, is in fact, the directing force in your life and steers in the direction you need to go.

So when you get a feeling about something you should go go for it because it is your inner guidance telling you. Part of going for what feels good or in some way right at the time, is trusting it is somehow for your highest good.

This leads you to being open to all the good in life that you are otherwise blocked to because of resistance in allowing. When you trust you release resistance and allow things to naturally flow into your life, they do so the way as they should when you’re not second guessing.

Not only is that counterproductive, moreover it is upstream which could create situations to counter act it. The kind of situations that will be created where someone or some circumstance will act to push you in the direct that you need to go, OR you might just stay in place for that much longer.

You shouldn’t count on circumstances to push you in the direct that you need to go because you could miss out on some good things. Of course there will always be plenty of opportunities, just not just the same ones, you are the only one who knows what you want and only you can get you where you want to go in life.

The only way to get there is to trust your feelings even if you don’t know what the next step is, trust that it will unfold for you. Trust that whatever you need will come to you as you have need of it and that you will always be shown a way when you least expect it.

Just follow your heart and feelings and your own inner guidance to help you get where you want to go.



1. Susan Eller - December 1, 2009


Your writing is so soothing and has a wonderful flow of its own. And, it is more than the actual words. It is your energy. It comes through in a warm, heart-felt and inviting way.

I hope that a lot of people read this post as it provides a feeling of safety in trusting one’s heart and the natural flow of life.

Too often people rely on the promptings of the analytical mind for direction then get confused when the ego-mind sends them fearful, doubting messages.

I can attest from my own experience that going against the flow will not get you what you want. When you feel inner resistance know that it is signal that you are going in the wrong direction. When you trust your own inner guidance system life will unfold in wonderful ways.

I have a favorite quote from Antoine de Saint Exupéry that I feel is appropriate here. “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

This post offers inspiration in trusting one’s own inner guidance so that we can navigate and flow easily through life.


Gaylena - December 1, 2009


Thank you so very much for your reply. I like what you said here: I hope that a lot of people read this post as (it provides a feeling of safety in trusting one’s heart) ( and the natural flow of life.)

Trust your heart because I feel that there is no better safety then that which comes from within. It is not the mind that we need to be listening to but heart and our own inner guidance, for it alone knows the way.

I know all to well what you speak of when you mention inner resistance, when something just ‘Feels wrong’ your heading in the wrong direction. I couldn’t agree with you more, trust your inner guidance and all that comes from that will many times blow your mind.

I love that quote and it is very appropriate for this. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here and that beautiful quote.



2. Geoff Laughton - December 1, 2009

Beautiful, Gaylena! This is so critical and often seems the hardest thing to do. 13 years ago, my gut was telling me to go in a direction that was 180 degrees from where I was. My fear and doubt had actually been having me ignore messages for two years before THAT. In ’96, I finally couldn’t ignore it. Taking that inner advice has led to years of me living & giving my passion and gifts to serve so many people. I’m clear that, if I hadn’t trusted that inner voice, I’d probably be dead now.

Thanks for the reminder!

Gaylena - December 2, 2009

Thank you Geoff!

That is amazing how things like that work out for us, your story is beautiful.
Some times when we look back at things like that we might be given to wonder why we didn’t go for it sooner.
Yet I am given to believe and strongly that we are always in every moment in time just where we need to be.

So even if we feel we should taken the step sooner or should be future along then you are, I feel you are where you should be. And, that that is perfect for right now.

Geoff, thank you so much for sharing that personal story with us all, I am so grateful you listened to that inner voice.
It got you where you are now so you could share your experience with all of us. Thank you for doing just that!

I think I could write a couple of pages about the times I didn’t listen to that inner voice and what came as a result of that.



3. AffirmingSpirit - December 2, 2009

Hi, Gaylena,

I second Susan’s comments about your posts. :o)

And I have to confess: I used to be the one who got the intuitive hit and STILL asked 50 other people what their opinions were. Then, I’d wonder why I felt all confused and conflicted. LOL! It would be a miracle if I was NOT confused with everyone’s input.

A few years ago, I was informed that I was actually quite psychic and needed to trust that inner knowing. As I looked back over my life it was clear: When I trusted myself and moved forward, everything worked out great! When I put other’s wishes and desires above my inner knowing, everything fell apart.

That inner knowing is the *one* that has our best interest at heart, always. Trusting it is essential to growing as a spiritual being, and stepping into the true power of who we are.

Thank you, Gaylena, for the gentle reminder!

Many blessings,

4. Cathy Brennan - December 2, 2009


What a beautiful post and so very timely for me as this month I am focusing on trust. I know that when I step away from trusting my heart the road gets bumpy and I get easily turned around. By simply tuning in to my own truth I’m back in the flow. Thanks for a wonderful reminder.


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