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What is Soul Coaching?

Soul coaching helps you fully explore and get to know and understand yourself on levels,spirit, soul, mind, body and especially personality.

Soul coaching aligns your inner with your outer self and world to create harmony to live your dream life and open the inner doors of creativity and abundance.

You will be able to clear the pathway to your purpose, life mission and un-limit your thoughts and self beliefs and allowing you to hear the messages from your inner guidance.

Soul coaching shares some of the same principles of life coaching, but instead of using external goal oriented methods. You guided to your inner world and align with your core values that is the baseline of your dreams, life mission and your passion and live a life based on those.

Your outside world reflects your inside world, so when your outer world is out of harmony, you need to clear away inner debris and the outer will align with the harmony of the inner world and become harmonic

Soul coaching is not religion specific or based. The main focus is on you and the beliefs in your framework. It is highly individualized and specifically catered wholey to who you are.



1. Aviram - October 18, 2009

HI Gaylena
Very nice Blog
Mine hasn’t born yet..:)
How can I subscribe to your blog?

Have a great day !


Gaylena - October 21, 2009

Hi Aviram,

Thank you, let me know when yours is born.

You can subscribe here

Have an incredible day!

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