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Live fully who you are through your spirit November 20, 2009

Posted by Gaylena in Empowerment.
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I love things that come from the heart such as a well written poem or a true story or any number of things. That kind of things usually goes straight to the heart of the person reading and speaks directly to not only the heart but the soul and often times the spirit as well.

That is something that my friend Geoff Laughton does with his teachings, in improving your relationship with yourself and others. By giving you fully back to yourself and allowing you to live through your spiritual guidance with more freedom, peace and joy.

Just by simply living from the guidance of your spirit it gives the relationship you have with yourself and others more fulfillment. Personally I have to say that his work is very thought provoking and enlightening as well as allowing for us to become more insightful.

There is a big difference between living from spirit and living by what I would call living by default. One you are by your higher self for your highest good and create your life by your own design instead of living day to day and letting what comes your way, come.

This kind of living leads to feelings of being alone and depressed with no one on your side when the going gets tough. There is little or no joy and freedom can feel non existent and the difference with living your spirit is being your own best friend.

Your more attuned to life and able to allow in the good stuff that is naturally yours anyway, things that seemed difficult before. Are easy to handle because there is no longer the disharmony of self that there was before that caused anxious feelings before.

Over the last few years I learned that if we are not deeply connected to our spirit and let it guide our path in life it can seem like it’s all gray skys. That the sun isn’t shining even when it is and then you are living your life on default and not on purpose.

Your communication and relationship and everything else in life isn’t as good as can be when you are allow spirit to guide you. You really have to broke through your barrier and be who you truly are, life is so much more rich and full with so much more meaning and beauty to it.

Getting back to You is something that is very important.

That is what my good friend Geoff Laughton, helps others do so well, do check out his blog at http://geofflaughton.typepad.com/spirited_musings/  that’s got some great posts you will want to check out.

He also has a fan page which you can find at http://www.facebook.com/LivingYourSpiritNow and you can see what he is up to on a day to day basis. You can ask any questions and get them answered as he checks it daily. Don’t forget to check out his awesome new web site  http://geofflaughton.com/

Wishing you live your life guided by your spirit, love and blessings.



1. jimmy - November 22, 2009

perfect, I think also the same Gaylene, alen words when the heart goes straight to the heart of another person, whom we hear or speak, because one way or another are interconnected.
freedom is wonderful, and much better to be free, live in peace and great joy.
Fri agree very hurried people, as you say, live your life in a default, abundncia fill the spirit that gives meaning to our lives even more so, redirects us to do wonderful things in heart.
loughton geoft your friend, you must be extraordinary.
hug and blessings to you too Gaylene

Gaylena - November 23, 2009

Thank you for your lovely comment Jimmy,

I agree and resonate with what you have said here. We are interconnected and what we do does effect another, and when you work at taking care of self and being the very best you can be. That is what you are giving to others and setting the example for others to do and be-come.

Geoff Laughton, is amazing friend and person…. Read More

Thank you again for your wonderful comment as always dear Jimmy.
Hugs and blessings to you in abundance,


2. Cheryl B - November 22, 2009

Thanks for sharing this – I hope it crosses the path of many who can learn from this!

Gaylena - November 22, 2009

You’re very welcome Cheryl, I do hope it does also.

3. AffirmingSpirit - November 23, 2009

I agree, Gaylena, that it’s more enjoyable to be connected to Spirit and encounter others who are as well. I’ve had some experiences in the past year with those who pretend to be, but clearly are NOT connected to Spirit. Their words and behaviors showed me very clearly *what I do NOT want to be*, and I am grateful for their decision to be in contrast so that I could become much clearer. When you are connected with Spirit, it’s clear that sources of gratitude exist everywhere!

It’s wonderful to be part of a community of people like yourself and Geoff who recognize the importance of that connection to Spirit.

Many blessings,

Gaylena - November 23, 2009

Nancy, Not only do I find it more enjoyable but also more fulfilling.
It is a great blessing to encounter others who are living Spirit as well.
I know of people who pretend to live connected to Spirit, however I have not yet encountered others pretending at that.
Usually I can sense their energy and whether or not they resonate with me.
If your energy feels off at all, it can be an indication about them and needing to love them and move on.

Contrast is beautiful, because just like you, it can inspire you and show you where you are and where you do not wish to be.
It allows you to become crystal clear about what you want.

Thank you Nancy, for your wisdom and insight! I am so deeply grateful to be connect with you.

Blessed Abundance and LoVe,

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