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Setting positive habits to support change. May 18, 2009

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Ever wanted to make a really big change like making a New Year’s resolution? Instead found you could not hold to it for very long?

Everyone has made a resolution to do something and broke it too. As they say, you have to break a really big goal like that into several smaller steps, because it is easier to handle and follow through on.

The reason people don’t keep a resolution is because they make them from a negative place of “I need to do that” instead of doing something because you want. Things get done when they are done from a positive approach, of wanting to do it, which is not the case of the opposite situation.


Ascending life’s birth right May 7, 2009

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The world evolves at a first rate and as such we have to evolve to keep up with the changing of the world, that is why we need to be constantly learning and changing because both open the door(s) to change in itself.
As children we start out learning right from the start and you continue to do so throughout your life time.
Since the world is evolving at faster rates, maybe now, more then ever it calls for us to do the same and the times call for us to learn at a higher levels then we have before.

And now more then ever we are a lot conscious about the food we eat the cars we drive and the way we dress and the people hang out with. We also ask ourselves what those things do for us over all and if their really good for us after all and/or how they make us to be MORE.

You know internally what you need and what’s good and NOT so good for you, and if those things will give you the higher learning you constantly seek and that’s so important in life. Because without the higher learning and understanding, you will not be able to evolve fast enough to keep up with life and grasp profound concepts.