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The joy of a healthy relationship with Money. December 14, 2009

Posted by Gaylena in Positive change.
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What’s on your mind? I’m sure there are a number of things on your mind that’s understandable but one of the biggest things on anyone’s mind is money. You know the can’t live with it and can’t live without it, and that last statement right there is the problem.

In the first place no one knows how to live with it but they are VERY good at living without it and/or making it not feel welcome. Largely for women, in particular, they have a relationship with money, just like everything else in life be the relationship good or not so good.

Now that does not just apply to women in general, as it also applies to men as well, but women however have a relationship with everything. Take for example the relationship you have with your body be it what it may, if you’re a woman you probably don’t like something about that body.

Maybe there is an area that you are not particularly happy with or maybe you’ve put on a few pounds and want to get rid of it. Maybe you stand in front of the mirror and say I can’t stand the way I look I look so fat! As women we have trouble dealing with the way we look.

Somehow no matter what we will always, OR seem to always find fault where there is none, if we don’t think we look good. Or for that matter feel sexy, our confidence suffers and we are not at our best. Now while we know this and so do most men we still can’t find a way around it.

The thing is if you don’t like what you see when you look in the mirror it can be changed starting with what’s in your mind, but, and yes it comes to that. There is something else, if you are standing there saying I don’t like this or that, your body is probably telling you something you are not listening to.

Take something as simple as a bad hair day, what can you learn from that? More importantly what is that saying about you? Attitude! Your hair looks great, why? Because you’re in a great mood and you do the right things and your hair and the things around you naturally reflects your mood.

Versus you’re in a bad mood and your hair is speaking out against it and no wonder, think that  your hair looking bad is putting you in a bad mood? Wrong, you were more then likely already in a bad mood even if you can’t admit it and your hair is just showing you that.

That’s a long example for a short story however it shows you clearly how you effect the things in your immediate environment. Which is all possible through your relationship with the things in your environment. When you are in a relationship with anything you are either going to like it or not.

Your relationship with your car is? You like it or you don’t like it, did you forget it gets you from A to B and if there is a problem maybe it’s you. How you do treat it? Remember you are in a relationship with it and it is not so unlike being in a relationship with a partner.

You have to be a good partner and treat it right otherwise how do you expect to get the same in return? Take good care of your car and it will last a long time and continue getting you safely from point A to point B as you need of it. That’s not much different then any relationship you have with a partner or that of a pet.

If you are going to mistreat your pet it’s going to mistreat you, and in everything relationship how that shows up depends on the partner. Your cat might use your house plants as a litter box while your dog might pee in your shoes or chew up your furniture.

So getting back to the subject of money, if you are mistreating your relationship with money in that you overspend. Guess what? That makes you an irresponsible partner, money flows in its own energy and when you are not working in harmony with that energy, there is little to be had.

Likewise your beliefs around the area of money have a lot to do with the amount you get and/or make for a living. Money creates a lot of joy and not just having it alone nor the amount either, but simply being responsible and using it responsibly.

Playing with it creates a lot of joy, via counting it out, reading the dates on pennies and nickels and such. Or cleaning any dirty pennies and getting them to shine there true color are all ways to have fun and create more joy with money.

However since money is energy just like everything in the universe is, you can expend it and there are many good ways to do that. When you pay for something you are passing that energy along to someone else so it is your responsibility. What you need to pay especially close attention to is the energy with which you are paying out your money and thus passing your energy along.

As I have come to know very well, it is very important that you do not buy something when you feel negative about spending it. Examples of that are: times when you are paying for something while holding thoughts of dread in your mind such as ‘Well there goes my money already spent’ or ‘My moneys already spent before I make it’ or even thinking I would rather be buying something fun.

The trick to buying the things you want and the things you need is, being responsibile and saving your money when and where you can. So you can later on have money for the things you want too.

Also when you think those kinds of thoughts while spending it it does not make you attractive or a magnet to money. Actually quite the opposite you repel it just as your beliefs about it do so does your frame of mind.

Along with getting in touch with your true beliefs about money there are a couple of tricks I learned about money attractive energy. Which will work so good for you if you have strong repelling beliefs about money.

One. If you help another to get money and/or that which you want, it will be attracted to you.

Two. Pay a debt owed when you are in a good mood and/or from the frame of mind of being joyful because you know it will come back to you.

Three. Bless the money you are paying or otherwise sending back out into circulation. The way you do this is think of the money in hand and how when you pay for something image it how it will help someone else. That will come back onto you and it usually does so tenfold.

Four. Clear out unnecessary clutter. As clutter is energy and it can block money from coming in, so clear it away as a block.

Five. Lastly release any and all limiting beliefs you have about money, though they may not be your own. As we usually get many of our beliefs early on from our parents and many of those aren’t supportive beliefs.

Replace all of the limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs about money, like that of: ‘There is an unlimited abundance waiting for you. Or you might replace it with, an affirmation of money always being like a reliable friend and always being there when you need it.

Just use whatever works best for you in a situation, but remember if you want money you need to be on good terms with it. It’s still a relationship so be the kind of ‘good’ partner you would like to have and you will get in return from money.

It will always be there in amount according to your thoughts, beliefs and emotions at any given time. So use these tips to be more attractive to it.



1. Geoff Laughton - December 15, 2009

Yet another great post, Gaylena. Thanks for reminding us all of how important our thoughts AND feelings are in this Attraction paradigm!

Gaylena - December 18, 2009

Thank you Geoff!

Yes our thought AND feelings have so much to do with it.

Thank you for reading and commenting!

2. Susan Eller - December 16, 2009

Such an important topic, Gaylena. Thank you.

Out of all the helpful points you touched upon I think my favorite is being conscious of your relationship with money both in terms of receiving money and paying your bills. .

I find that some people have difficulty feeling deserving of receiving money. They may not feel good enough and because of this block their receiving power. Also, they may continually look at what they don’t have rather than acknowledging and feeling grateful for what they do have.

I also notice that some people either feel guilty about the money they spend and/or feel resentful when it comes time to pay bills. I have learned to feel grateful when paying my bills as the lenders trusted me enough to extend credit my way. I also know and affirm that there is more money on the way to me.

One affirmation that I have used that is fun and helpful is this:

“Money is but a symbol of the rich substance of the Universe that is available to me. I give thanks that 10 times this much (then state that figure) is now on its way to me and quickly manifests to meet every demand” – Catherine Ponder

You can also replace 10 times with 100 times.


Gaylena - December 18, 2009

Susan, thank you.

I feel it is a topic that is collectively on pretty much everyone’s mind.

I’m glad you pointed out being more conscious of your relationship with money as I feel that is one of the most important things anyone can do. Mostly I feel that we might walk through life, um half asleep at best and are not conscious of our actions.

I agree that many people don’t feel deserving of money and so don’t have a very good relationship with it as a result of feeling that. However I feel that a lot of that comes from lack of self-love and of course when you don’t feel very deserving, then lack is what you experience and you think well it’s because I don’t deserve it that’s why. So it is a bad cycle of enforcing the belief over and over.

I believe that they have seen the same lack for so long that it is hard to see beyond it and if they can they really don’t want because it has become painful and yet a comfort at the same time.

Susan, that is a brilliant quote! I love it, thank you for sharing that!

In love and much gratitude,

3. denny hagel - December 17, 2009

What a great post! I had never thought of money in terms of a relationship before…I am seeing it much differently now. My theory has always been to have an “its only money attitude” (not that I have tons) to keep it form being a source of stress. How terrible would it be if I looked at my family relationships that way..”its only my husband” or “its only my grandson” Wow!! that really opens my eyes. I will now look at money as something of value in my life (more than the actual dollar amount) Money provides me with so many wonderful and necessary things in life.
Thanks for sharing this…
Be Blessed,

Gaylena - December 18, 2009


Thank you! I love how you put that all, it does come back to our personal relationships and especially going from your example. It’s so easy to be grateful for it when you think of all the great things it does for you. Thinking of it in that light, gives you a really good feeling and money can’t help but flow where the good feelings are!

You are welcome and thank you so much for your reply.

In love and much great gratitude!

4. Beth - December 17, 2009

Great post Gaylena… I so agree with you that your relationship with money is like any other relationship. It needs to be nurtured, and cared for. Keep up the great work!

Gaylena - December 18, 2009

Thank you Beth,

Yes it does and like any other relationship it takes time, so long as you remind your of the wonderful things it does for you.
Your relationship with it becomes better.

Thank you!
In love and gratitude!


5. jimmy - December 20, 2009

I have in my mind something great!
If there is a problem in my village, people believe that having more and more money to be good.
without really knowing it better, is better than more and more money.
Bone, not prepared to have as much money, really lost.
Do not make your life a positive change, but will frustrate thinking, thinking why? the other has no place in his mind the reality, prompting the other to have more money.
Bone drown in a glass of water.
The trick is very attractive, the responsibility has to be at 100%, have the disorder in order to do so. “Order and chaos as they take you to exit?
Article looks great and extraordinary, my dear friend Gaylene … and my words are just an interpretation of his article, his article being very good and necessary.
love and abundance in your heart forever.


Gaylena - December 21, 2009

Jimmy, thank you for your insight and for your comment. Very much appreciated!

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