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Creating your future one day at a time December 12, 2009

Posted by Gaylena in Positive change.
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Some time back now I watched a really good movie that I hadn’t seen before and learned some really good lessons from. Paycheck, if you haven’t seen it before I highly recommend it, or if you have you might want to watch from a different perspective.

It is a really good movie and it has some really thought provoking points in it, the one that really stood out and caught my attention was when the main character said that we don’t need to see the future because it robs us of hope.

Not only that, he said that when we are able to see our future and don’t like something about it we would want to change it. Or you might find yourself wanting to avoid it avoid it altogether, so as not to face it at all.

Seeing the future is how things could have been messed up seriously in the movie and if you were to put that example to your life. You can easily see that the same messed up circumstances could happen in your own life if you knew what to expect and wanted to change things.

Think about it if you knew what was going to happen in the future would you still do the same things? I bet not and what if those things that you may not like so much were meant to happen for very important reasons.

If you were to change things you would most likely mess things up for yourself and perhaps for others as well. I also believe that in this case you might not have learned what was important for you to learn and those things being the reason for them have taken place for you.

What if some things hadn’t happened at all would you have learned the important lessons you learned? For myself I know if given the chance I would want to change a thing or two but the fact of the matter is this, if I hadn’t learned it then, how would I have later on?

If I still needed to learn it how bad or hard would it be to learn it later? What situations would I have to go through instead the ones I did? Can you really answer that for yourself and if you did would you really like hearing the answer to that question if you had the answer?

Something’s are better the way they turn out even if you can not see the value in them, I can speak from experience and say they are there. Maybe the situations and circumstances you endured weren’t to your liking but they were necessary.

If you didn’t go through them you probably wouldn’t be where you are now with the lessons you undoubtedly learned. That alone is reason enough for me and even though like anyone else some of the things were to pleasant I wouldn’t change them.

Looking back now at some of the situations and circumstances that I have endured I can say that a lot of them I didn’t like. For example; having someone come into my life that I really “liked” then leaving again pretty much the same way he came into it.

Some of the best lessons I have learned were some of the hardest earned and yet when you get past them. You get to look back and see what you learned and think you to yourself that they weren’t all that back after all, they only seemed so at the time.

In everything good or bad there is always something good to be learned, even if you can’t see it in the moment. Some times you can’t because you are to close to the situation to see clearly and it is only when looking back on it that you can see the value in it.

Though you don’t always have to wait until you’re past it to see it, if you make yourself present in the moment by asking yourself one of three questions. Where am I. What am I doing. What is this teaching me.

You can be present in the moment to learn what you might otherwise have missed and things may not seem so bad anymore. Because you will have shifted your awareness and taken some of the stress out of the situation and are focusing on something positive and productive.

There is a reason for everything and a reason for things happening and working out the way they do. Situations, circumstances, people and things are neither good or bad, it is only what you perceive something to be that makes it one way or the other.

If you knew what the future held for you ahead you might want to change things for yourself and so miss good opportunities. Or even worse then that, never have learn the things you need to get and/or create those opportunities for yourself.

The up sides of not seeing the future for me far outweigh not seeing it and not forgetting that we get to create our future’s every day of our lives.



1. SL Taylor - December 14, 2009

Thanks for such a great post. I have to agree with the last part especially. I think we manifest our future based on the choices we make today. I think there are many roads that you can travel through life and every choice you make determines which of those roads you end up on. So you can effectively change your future by changing your choices.

Gaylena - December 18, 2009


That is so, I do agree that the choices we make determines where you end up.
I know that the words we speak and the actions either taken or not taken add to that to a good degree.
Being more conscious does help that.

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