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Focus on the good stuff and meet happiness in the middle. December 22, 2009

Posted by Gaylena in Positive change.
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The holiday season is upon us, the one thing I have picked up highly from everyone, there has been to much focus on the negative. Or what you don’t like and/or want, we all have a family member or a relative who we put up with, someone that speaks very loudly or puts his/her feet in everyone’s way. Or maybe someone’s cooking you don’t like.

I see to much stress and people thinking about the aspects they don’t like and little or no focus on what’s positive.  One of my all time favorite movie’s is a Knight’s Tale, comes to mind here, it is the story of a man who is a commoner and has a dream of becoming a knight.

It is a story of strength, character and determination, he (Will) has a dream and isn’t afraid to go against the odds to live it that dream. Someone who faces many trials and when he is found out for being a commoner and is told to run, stays to face what may come in the name of honor and pride and what he believes in.

There are many good life lessons in the movie such as having a dream and believing in it, and my favorite lesson of all. The knight Will, said that his father told him to take the good with the bad, so he does. It is one of my favorite lesson to live by because it teaches you to take the Good with the Bad but not focus on it.

In the past 3 or 4 weeks I have far to many experiences of taking the good with the bad and it is if anything not a pretty picture painted. To many people are focusing their attention on the things they don’t like and are stressed over the things that can’t be helped.
Be it, the person(s) who get on your nerves, or something you have to do but are dreading and put off or any number of things. The trouble with that is you are focusing to much on what you don’t like and are not giving much, if any, attention to the things you do like.

What do you think that is doing for you? It is very simply attracting to you more of what you don’t want. Yep that’s right you are making things worse then they need be, what you focus on you expend and create more of that to experience, because your attention on it says you like it.

If you focus on the positive you expend that and the same is true of the negative, take a simple thing. Beauty for example, if you were to focus your attention for a whole day or even just an hour you would see so much beauty you may not even believe it possible.

The same also happens when you put your attention on something like someone being rude and make a big deal out of it. After which you may notice that throughout the rest of your day people react the same way as the person you first noticed being rude or just a bit different but they can have the same affect on you.

Why is that? Because you are putting all of your focus on that and you are getting more of it because you are magnet. You are attracting more of the same because you are putting your thoughts and emotions on it and since the universe likes to give you what you want, there you go.

It delivers you that which you put your focused thought, energy and emotion behind which translates into energy in-motion. It brings you more of the likeness of your thoughts and emotions because it seems that is what you want, otherwise why focus on it?

If you say you do not want that at all then you need to pay close attention to what you think about and in terms of the emotions you feel from those things. They are your star attractors, now you may not think you can change how you feel about or think of someone or something.

In all actuality you are the only one who can and furthermore you can change how you choose to take something said or did. You can also change how you react to things and/or not react, instead you can count to ten and think about how to handle a circumstance of situation.

At the same time you can also take stock and pay more attention to what your focus is on and look for something positive. In fact you could even make a game out of counting out and writing down how many little positive things you saw in one hour alone.

It could be the simplest little thing but it could have the biggest impact on you and your whole day. One of the best things you can possibly do is to start off your day, knowing that you have full control over how you see and react to the things around you.

You choose how your day goes based on your thoughts, emotions and reactions, so make sure your thoughts and emotions. Are focused towards creating something you would like to experience. You can do that by asking yourself if something you said is going to create something you would like to keep for a lifetime.

Or if it is something you would want to discard later on, and by those means you will better know if you are creating joy or sadness. Another thing for you to think about is; if you focus on fear, worry or something you don’t like, you have no power to consciously change it.

At the same time you also have very little energy to come up with a creative solution to the problem. Because negative focus steals it away like a thief and only conscious awareness can change that for you.

So take time out to focus on taking deep breathes and reminder yourself create your world and you have the power to make it what you want.



1. Alison Reynolds - December 22, 2009

Well said, Nia, as usual! I love the movie. .A Knights’ Tale! One of my favorites! In one of the Darma classes I go to, I remember the teacher saying that anger is an indication that you are not accepting things the way they are! Not accepting reality is part of what makes us unhappy and keeps us focussed on the bad stuff.
I love your writing, Nia! Thank you. And I hope your Christmas is filled with joy as I know it will be!!

Gaylena - December 23, 2009

Thank you Alison, yes that is a great movie. Yes I so agree with your teacher it is very true. From experience some things make us mad when we don’t accept them. Anger can also be from wanting to control things and/or people and situations, though it can be hard to tell it.

You are so right there, it does make us so unhappy and yet many people can’t even see it that way, it really does keep us focused on the bad stuff. I just love the way you think and the way you put that.

I would love to see more of your thoughts on topics like this, you have such a great way to put things and lots of great knowledge. You should really write yourself, I would love to read your writing!

Thank you so much dear Alison. Thank you, it will be and I hope that your Christmas is filled with just as much or more joy and laughter!

2. Janet Breitmaier - December 23, 2009

What a lovely message Gaylena! It helps to train yourself to notice the negative thoughts, stop, and refocus to something positive. It really helps to imagine a bright shiny light over the negative person.

This helps to diffuse that heavy negative energy that these people tend to hold and leave with you,on you and in your space.

Janet Breitmaier
Life Redesign Coach

“This has been an amazing time for me and I feel that the breakthrough session with Janet released negative messages and helped boost me in ways I never experienced before.”

Signature Personal Coaching

Gaylena - December 25, 2009

Janet, thank you! Yes it does work wonders to train yourself to notice and be more present.

That is a wonderful idea, I will try that more or use something like it. I highly suggest anyone wanting to do this, forms in their mind before hand what they would like to use for this exercise in imaging what you would like to use for a negative person or situation.

Thank you again Janet, wishing you all the best for the new year!

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