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Ego friend or foe? October 21, 2009

Posted by Gaylena in Self Growth.
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Just recently I did some research on the subject of ego to get a better understanding of it and get someone else’s take on it. One thing I have to say is that if you do not befriend ego it can take over and run the whole show for you, with or without your say so.

Ego is really good at sabotaging your manifesting efforts with upstream thoughts; where you can feel that if you don’t get some certain things done you’re not moving forward. You might feel stuck in place not making progress.

When working but not at one my set goals it can leave you feeling that you are you’re not doing anything important. Ego usually has you doing things that you might not want to do simply to make the ego image of you seem complete.

John Eaton of Reverse thinking describes ego as {a false idea about what and who you are. It is an idea you took over from other people. It is never who you really are it is only what you “think” you are, but do not actually see yourself because of ego getting in the way.

Ego turns up in people’s lives in many different ways and forms and does so differently for everyone. Although there is one thing that many people hold on a collective level, they go after
Material things because it makes the ego happy for a while.

It worries about things and stresses about what hasn’t been done yet, it acts as a driving force to get things done. Ego likes or wants to be young beautiful or good looking, smart and  of course it always wants to be successful so it pushes you onward always.

“Your ego is a false idea about what and who you are. It is an idea you took over from other people.”

It is no wonder that some want to be free of it or transcend it although however knowing all that I know about it I would rather align with it. You can treat it like a naughty child that did something wrong and is going to be grounded for it, it is a part of you like it or not.

You might think of it as the dark side of you and try to hide it away or worse yet try to hide from it and pretend it doesn’t exist. Align with it because it IS a part of you and you can work together with it you just have to learn to tell when it is trying to run the show.

1. Be present to your thoughts and know when it feels counter productive, going up stream. Feeling to hard.

2. Be aware of the reasons why you want to do things, is it because you want to impress others?

3. Pay attention to feelings of being left out or left behind others, it can bring resentment along with it for the ride. It is only another way ego plays its hand in your life.

4. Don’t take things personally, a favorite quote is “What others think of you is none of your business” only ego cares what others think of you. You’re authentic knows is secure in itself and what others say or think do not matter.

5. Constantly remind yourself that you are in this moment right where you need to be, you know the things you need to know.

It might seem like your dark side that you keep a locked up secret from others like a part of you that you don’t like. Maybe you feel that angry is somehow wrong or showing sadness is an unwanted thing so you hide it away from the world.

That ma not necessary be your dark side but you might feel that ego is like having a dark side so you don’t want to accept it. Accepting it is the best thing you can do, everyone has one and it’s not really a bad thing, I would suggest making it more of a welcomed part of you.

One way I suggest doing this is an exercise that intuitive guide and spiritual teacher Sonia Choquette suggests, called naming it. Make your ego a pet and give it a name, pick any animal you want that way it is no longer thought of as bad but as a cute pet that has a name.

Believe me you this works really great because whenever I know that ego is trying to have it’s say over things I do. I think of it as a cute animal and do things a little differently so that everything aligns with both authentic self and ego pet.

For more about John Eaton and Reverse thinking, go to http://reversethinking.typepad.com/weblog/2008/11/how-to-make-your-ego-unimportant.html

For more  Sonia Choquette go to http://www.soniachoquette.com/




1. AffirmingSpirit - October 23, 2009

Gaylena, I’m so glad you are willing to address this topic. You’ve offered a balanced look at the role the Ego plays.

Bad-mouthing the ego is one of my pet peeves because I’ve discovered that most teachers who see ONLY bad about the Ego are often the ones who BEHAVE the worst toward others! In other words, they are so caught up in their OWN EGOS, fighting it instead of working with it, that they fail to see their destructive behaviors.

The Ego serves a very important purpose: It helps us define to the world who we are, and how we are unique, so we can do what we came here to do. Jill Bolte-Taylor, the brain researcher who witnessed her own stroke and wrote about it, told Oprah in an XML interview that a cluster of cells about the size of a peanut constitutes “the Ego”. Without that cluster of cells functioning in the brain, as happened during Ms. Bolte-Taylor’s stroke, we would have NO SENSE of being separate from the sea of energy that is the Universe!

So, rather than bad-mouth or try to abolish the Ego, it’s important to make peace with it and put it in it’s proper perspective. Besides making life a lot more enjoyable, letting the Ego serve it’s necessary function gives it something valuable to do.

Of course, once you do, you’ll have to take more personal responsibility rather than always ‘blaming your Ego’ for the bad behavior or decisions!

Many blessings,

Gaylena - November 22, 2009

Thank you Nancy, I like that you see it the more from my point of view.
Ego does play a most important role in our lives and we should respect it.

Ego is as much a part of us as every part and it is no less important than any other part of the mind.
That is why I felt it so important to address it here and because I feel that if we all were to align and work with it we would get better results.

I feel that the reason why so many people blame the ego for something, is that they don’t want to take responsibility for their life. The Ego is both beautiful and just as you say very necessary as is taking responsibility.

I am researching Jill’s work and what she has to say on the ego and other brain related subjects, so thank you so much for mentioning her!! I so appreciate you and all you do for others Nancy!

Blessings in Abundance ~Gaylena

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