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Setting positive habits to support change. May 18, 2009

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Ever wanted to make a really big change like making a New Year’s resolution? Instead found you could not hold to it for very long?

Everyone has made a resolution to do something and broke it too. As they say, you have to break a really big goal like that into several smaller steps, because it is easier to handle and follow through on.

The reason people don’t keep a resolution is because they make them from a negative place of “I need to do that” instead of doing something because you want. Things get done when they are done from a positive approach, of wanting to do it, which is not the case of the opposite situation.

If you were to make your change/ resolution because you wanted to do it, you have a better chance to be successful.

Whenever I want to make any change be it big or small I break it down into four or five smaller steps to make it more manageable. Than I figure out what positive habits will support me in making the change, I have found that writing down each step I’m going to take helps, I focus on one or two of them at a time for the first week and then slowly add the rest.

A good positive habit anyone can make is to be more positive in itself, make a plan and figure out what positive new habits you will need to support you and your improved lifestyle. No change can be made without getting new habits to support that change. Your new habits will replace old negative habits, those habits will no longer serve you because they supported you in past, but they need to be replaced in order for you to make any further progress.

Your progress is kind of like making a new flavor of Ice cream, if you forget to put a new ingredient in it, you will not have a different flavor unless you change the mix that goes into it. The same thing goes for your life, the new favor would be a new habit and it could be tasty, or not, all depending on you.

Setting new habits and/or new improvements are formed through repetition, like so many of the things we do day to day, such as eat, bushing our hair and teeth, and making the bed. Are just a few examples of the things we do on a routine basis, which are habits, that we do automatically.

Our subconscious mind works on autopilot, meaning that we don’t have to think about doing something, we just do it automatically because that is what our subconscious mind is programed to do, the habits we have were picked by doing thing from things repeatedly, so if you do something long enough it will become a habit.

Some habits are made over years while others are made in just a couple of weeks, depending on how repetitious you are and what kind of energy you focus you put on creating a new habit.
A good habit that will support you in making any positive change, is to replace complaints with gratitude, so that whenever you find yourself wanting to complain instead look for at least one thing to be grateful for, when you would rather complain say what you are thankful for being, doing or having in your life.

Habits are held in our subconscious mind and for them to be changed we have to reprogram them, reprogramming will take time and repetition to create new habits. The more often you do something the quicker it will take hold and become a new habit, good or bad it is all up to you.

Five things you can do to set positive habits I have listed below for you.

1) Write up a plan to follow, then break it down in smaller more manageable steps, figure what steps you want to take first

2) Write down affirmations, say them every day to empower yourself and use them to counter negative statements and/or affirmations you hear or think.

3) Keep a journal and write down your progress at the end of the day, so you can check your progress at the end of the each week.

4) Before going to sleep, write a list of at least 10 to 15 things you were can be grateful for that day.

5) Every time you start to repeat your old habit, say “Time to take out the trash!” Because your old habits are like old newspapers to thrown out.

Remember to always use repetition to your advantage, repetition cultivates a new habit and remember  the two P’s of replacing a habit, be patient and persistent, many of your habits were established over a period of time, some took years while others not as long. It takes about two weeks to establish a new habit, and habits must be replace with a habit. Habits are like addictions, and addictions have to be replaced with an addiction, so an addiction for an addiction and a habit for a habit, replacing a habit is like spring cleaning or cleaning house in general so that you have more room for other things.



1. I Dropped Thirty Pounds in A Month - May 21, 2009

I was just googling around about this when I discovered your post. I’m only visiting to say that I definitely enjoyed reading this post, it is really clear and well written. Are you considering blogging more on this? It appears like there is more material here for more posts.

Gaylena - June 17, 2009

Thank you I appreciate your comment and I am glad you enjoyed reading it. Yes I will write more about it because there is definitely a lot more on the subject to tell then that.

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