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Ascending life’s birth right May 7, 2009

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The world evolves at a first rate and as such we have to evolve to keep up with the changing of the world, that is why we need to be constantly learning and changing because both open the door(s) to change in itself.
As children we start out learning right from the start and you continue to do so throughout your life time.
Since the world is evolving at faster rates, maybe now, more then ever it calls for us to do the same and the times call for us to learn at a higher levels then we have before.

And now more then ever we are a lot conscious about the food we eat the cars we drive and the way we dress and the people hang out with. We also ask ourselves what those things do for us over all and if their really good for us after all and/or how they make us to be MORE.

You know internally what you need and what’s good and NOT so good for you, and if those things will give you the higher learning you constantly seek and that’s so important in life. Because without the higher learning and understanding, you will not be able to evolve fast enough to keep up with life and grasp profound concepts.

As we experience new levels of learning we gain new heights in self and understanding and get clarity on things that we, at one time had no understanding of. So with each new learning you rise up a little more in the world every time you add a new level of understanding. Until you gain so much knowledge that you reach a point where you fully ascend to who / all you were meant to be & become, discover your purpose in life.

At every moment in time you have always had inside of you everything you have ever needed, though you may not ever have realized it.Because there are times when we need another to believe in us and to point out what we might have otherwise missed.
At the same time every question you seek or have sought to find an answer to, you need only ask the question of yourself because, you CAN answer the question.

I know that you are a truly wonderful person, all you need and seek lies within you yourself and in your heart lies a truth you didn’t know even exists. It is the truth of your purpose in life and you can find it when you make a journey within to be one with yourself.

I know this because I and so many others have taken this journey and found everything we had needed right there within.
I started to find that out, after having accomplished good things and having thanked them for any and all help they had given, only to be told that they had no part in the accomplishment. and that everything done was on my part, and I was further told that, I am the one that “makes it happen” and that I am turly the only one who can do the things I want to do. So that truth lies within all of us to get/have and be all that we want to be.

That truth is found once you ascend fully to self, it changes how you see the world. For it is said that “If you can not change something, instead change the  way you view it” and it will be changed as a result of how you see it. In my experience it changed for the positive and once changed, you will see you can live life by your own design. Design=however you want to live your life, instead of taking things as they come to you. Live it how you want and you will have more control over it then you know/knew.



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